Follow a Fitness Routine

sticking with a workout routine

Exercising regularly is very important to one’s personal health. It is a major commitment to follow through on exercising every day, but with perseverance, it can begin to feel perfectly natural. Exercise is important to our weight management, our bone and joint strength, our flexibility, our muscle mass, our bodily systems and functions, and generally speaking, our longevity. Yet so many choose to forego this basic life necessity, either because they do not have a taste for it or because they feel too busy for it. It is critical to every person’s health that they make some time for exercise, if not daily, then as often as possible.

The number one complaint about exercise is how difficult it is to keep with it day after day. Life happens, and all of our plans need to be adjusted. However, this is not a good enough reason for giving up on exercise. Those who are successful with maintaining a workout routine typically do it at the same time every day. It is highly recommended that you exercise when you first wake up, the reason being that your day has not started yet, so your plans to exercise should not be derailed by other life obligations. It is also advisable to work out with a friend, if it is an option. Being accountable to another person has a natural way of making us follow through with our commitments. And lastly, in order to stick with an exercise plan, it is good to develop a routine that does not push you beyond your means. If your exercise routine leaves you gasping for breath and feeling like you are going to vomit, you need to rethink it. You have all the time in the world to gradually work up to a challenging level exercise, but start where you are comfortable.

In order to develop a successful exercise plan, you need to have a basic knowledge of what kind of exercise the human body requires. The two primary types of exercise are cardio and toning. Cardio is exercise that is focused on strengthening the heart, lungs and circulation. This is also the type of exercise that burns calories and fat molecules. Examples of cardio are jogging, hiking, biking, jump-roping or doing aerobics. Toning has to do with training the muscles. Examples include weight lifting or doing a repetitive exercise that targets a specific body part. Toning is good for strength building and sculpting the body’s appearance. Many people also enjoy doing flexibility exercise such as yoga in order to keep the body limber.